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In keeping with Mino Obigiwasin's mission, directions, values and general policies and under the supervision of the Specialized Services Coordinator, the incumbent is responsible for providing professional psycho-educational, clinical assessment and intervention services within an ecosystem approach. He/she assists the client in acquiring the means to maintain or improve physical, intellectual, emotional, social and interpersonal functioning. He/she accompanies the individual experiencing adjustment difficulties and his/her approach is centered on the development of the person's strengths and the contribution of the environment's resources in order to enable him/her to regain a new balance. Finally, he/she works in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team.


  • Evaluate the client's functioning in his psychosocial environment, particularly with regard to his cognitive, affective and relational abilities, in order to identify his needs while encouraging the contribution of his environment to actualize his skills and those of his entourage;
  • Use the specific tools of the psychoeducator to evaluate the adaptive capacities of the person, the family and the environment;
  • Understand the person's behaviours and treat the symptoms that cause discomfort or psychological distress and reduce the impacts that disrupt the client's functioning in the various spheres of his/her life;
  • Develop and apply an adapted intervention plan, according to a scientific approach, update it as needed, and ensure follow-up with the various intervenors involved;
  • Help the client to understand the origin of his or her adaptation difficulties and to acquire the necessary skills in order to promote the re-establishment of a balance between him or herself, his or her environment and the interaction between the two;
  • Help the person to identify, understand and improve his or her relational functioning and to develop conflict resolution skills;
  • To proceed with the orientation or referral to appropriate external resources and to ensure the follow-up, if required;
  • Ensure the realization of optimal intervention and the follow-up of specific files entrusted to him/her (ex.: special mandates: mental health, suicide, emergency measures, etc.);
  • Maintain an up-to-date file for each client in which all relevant observations and information regarding their condition are recorded in a synthetic manner, according to established procedures;
  • Write concise reports for each client;
  • Develop activities, information or training materials in relation to the clinical action plan;
  • Develop prevention, promotion, education and screening programs to meet the needs of the clientele;
  • Produce summary reports following the activities offered according to the established deadlines and present them to the appropriate authorities;
  • Evaluate the activities carried out;
  • Work closely with the members of the interdisciplinary team in a context of exchange and complementarity;
  • Maintain contacts and exchange on an ongoing basis with the network's resources regarding specific cases, client follow-up and program implementation.
  • Participate and actively contribute to various projects, clinical or administrative meetings, and working committees related to his/her files;
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge in the field and adjusts professional practice according to new practices.


  • Have a graduate degree in psychoeducation (or grandfather clause)
  • Be a member of the Ordre des psychoéducatrices et psychoéducateurs du Québec;
  • Have relevant experience in the treatment and accompaniment of various problems: grief, break-ups, family crisis, relational difficulties, drug addiction and treatment of various traumas following sexual abuse, witnesses of various types of violence and victims of serious neglect;)
  • Knowledge and experience in the First Nations environment is an asset;
  • Knowledge of the YPA and Bill C-92;
  • Be able to promote cultural safety and take into account the cultural issues and values of the community.


  • Permanent full-time position 35 hours per week;
  • Full range of benefits including group insurance with employer contribution after 3 months and pension fund (RBA) after 6 months with employer contribution at 182%;
  • Reimbursement of annual professional dues;
  • Flexible schedule and 10 sick leaves and 5 wellness leaves per year;
  • Dynamic and creative team.

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