ANICINAPE Intervenor

ANICINAPE Intervenor


Under the authority of the Head of Service to the application of measures for the designated community. The Anicinape Intervenor will aim to end situations that compromise the safety and development of the child according to applicable laws.

In the performance of his/her duties and in the execution of the voluntary measures agreement or order, the Anicinape Intervenor works in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team and in partnership with community resources.

The Anicinape Intervenor ensures that services are offered according to an Anicinape approach and mode of communication (language, vocabulary, intonations, silences, non-verbal, time, etc.). He/she must have knowledge of the people, families and the functioning of the community. He/she respects and seeks to understand the culture. Shares and educates internal/external agents about the Anicinape way of life. Protect their cultural heritage.


  • Work with social intervenors to :
  • Provide culturally safe services for parents and children;
  • To sensibilize social intervenors to the realities of the Anicinape, to the functioning of the families, the community, the seasons, etc;
  • Support children and parents in supervised visits.
  • Acts as a natural caregiver and provides assistance to clients who are moving to a new environment or to the age of 18;
  • Informs and listens to parents and children experiencing difficulties in collaboration with the Information Officer and Facilitator, as required;
  • Provides placement support;
  • May assist in the organization and participate in some supervised visits as required;
  • Interprets at meetings when required;
  • Assesses the development of young children as required;
  • Accompany, as required, the representatives designated by the communities for the application of section of the YPA;
  • Accompany, as required, the representatives designated by the communities for the application of section 81.1 of the YPA;

Teach colleagues about Anicinape culture.


  • Be from the Anicinape community;
  • Hold a class 5 driver's license.


  • Full time permanent position 35 hours per week;
  • Full range of benefits including group insurance with employer contribution after 3 months and pension fund (RBA) after 6 months with employer contribution at 182%;
  • 1 cultural week per year after 1 year of service;
  • Flexible schedule and 10 sick leaves and 5 wellness leaves per year;
  • Dynamic and creative team.

Starting date

Start date: immediately.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to the attention of:

Ressources humaines / Human Resources

Bureau administratif/Administrative office

1399, chemin Sullivan

Val-d'Or (Quebec) J9P 6V6

Tel : (819) 975-5535 x 1045

Hiring priority

Priority is given to the First Nations and Inuit of Quebec. Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted.