Responsable de point de service - KitciSakik


In accordance with Mino Obigiwasin's mission, directions, values and general policies, the incumbent is responsible for assessing the child's situation and living conditions.


Under the authority of the Clinical Director, th responsible of service point is entrusted with the responsibilities and mandates related to the evaluation and orientation of reports as well as the program application of measures.

More specifically, the role and responsibilities are the following :

  • To provide users with relevant services that meet their needs as well as the legal obligations to which the Troubled Youth Program and their families are subject and that are in line with MINO OBGIWASIN's mission, values and philosophy;
  • Mobilize its staff and ensure that they can work effectively and efficiently in optimal conditions;
  • Ensure the supervision of the intervenors of the service and provide the support adapted to their needs;
  • Ensure clinical data entry in accordance with MINO OBIGIWASIN expectations;
  • Organize innovative clinical intervention projects to meet the many needs of the clientele, in a context of optimization of human and financial resources;
  • Evaluate and plan the training needs of its staff;
  • Facilitate various team committees and staff meetings;
  • Plan and manage a budget that allows for the updating of the service offer, in accordance with the standards and financial resources available;
  • Determine and implement service trajectories with all front-line services and other programs, with a view to providing a continuum of service to clients;
  • Ensure accessibility, continuity, quality, relevance and cohesion of services in accordance with the institution's expectations and be accountable;
  • Utilize various dashboards in its management of the quality of customer services.


  • Bachelor's degree in social work, psycho-education or a college technique in these fields and 10 years experience in youth protection;
  • Knowledge of the Youth Protection Act in an Aboriginal context;
  • A minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in the field;
  • Experience in supervision is an important asset;
  • Knowledge and experience in the First Nations environment is an asset;
  • Ability to manage employees and situations from a distance;
  • Possess strong organizational skills as well as a sense of resourcefulness and autonomy;
  • Be comfortable with the risk management process under his/her responsibility and be able to monitor the quality of services;
  • Have an innovative approach in order to contribute to the implementation of a youth protection system that meets the needs of children, their families and their community in accordance with Anicinape values and tradition;
  • Be rigorous and ethical;
  • Be bilingual (French and English);
  • Hold a class 5 driver's license.


  • Full time permanent position 35 hours per week;
  • Full range of benefits including group insurance with employer contribution after 3 months and pension fund (RBA) after 6 months with employer contribution at 182%;
  • Flexible schedule and 10 sick leaves and 5 wellness leaves per year;
  • Dynamic and creative team.

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